Decoration and Furniture Lighting

Decorate with style and unleash the creativity and the designer in you!

Choose the best lighting products for home furnishings and illuminate any dark space with decorative and specific products for furniture.

  • Garden Lamps
    <p>Here you can find many products to decorate your garden, terrace or a simple outdoor space of your home.</p> <p></p> <p>You can find garden and driveway lights, multi-colored lighting pegs to illuminate plants and trees, and decorative lighting structures for swimming pools and garden to make your outdoor evening parties special.</p>
  • Wall Lamps
    <p>A wide range of wall lamps to decorate both indoor and outdoor walls of your house or workplace.</p>
  • Ceiling Lamps
    <p>Here you will find many decorative ceiling lights such as appliques, decorative spotlight holders or simple light fixtures. Choose the design that best suits your style.</p>
  • Hanging Lamps
    <p>Hanging lamps are an essential element for house decoration.</p> <p></p> <p>Decorate your interiors with a hanging lamp to give them an extra touch of design and give value to your spaces.</p>
  • Table Lamps
    <p>Find a wide range of desk lamps essential for studying and working and smart bedside lamps to help you sleep and wake up in the morning.</p>
  • Floor Lamps
    <p>Floor lamps make for great decorative elements and are also a perfect solution to light up interior spaces.</p> <p></p> <p>They set the right atmosphere and don't need to be installed, they only need to be placed in the chosen space and connected to a power outlet.</p>
  • Leds for Furniture
    <p>Here you will find Led spotlights and spot lights for furniture, Led strips, tailored Led bars and lighting systems specifically designed for furniture and drawers.</p>
  • Design Sockets
    <p>Here you will find smart, functional and design sockets and slippers, which can be placed between the furniture or in the cabinet or supply electricity in an outdoor environment thanks to the electric columns with waterproof schuko sockets.</p>

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