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MiBoxer Mi Light FUT039S Mini RF Receiver for Strip Led RGB + CCT Multicolor RGB and Dual White CCT

Mi-Light Led strip dimmers RGB + CCT Series RGB+CCT

Model: 5525
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MiBoxer Mi Light Mini RGB + CCT Dimmer Receiver FUT039S Mini

MINI version, with reduced dimensions, but with the same power !!!

It allows you to manage an RGB + CCT DC 12V or 24V Led Strip.

Suitable for an RGB + CCT / RGBWW / 5 Channel Multicolor Led Strip.

It is also compatible with one or more Led Strips connected in parallel or with an RGB Led Strip + a Dual White Led Strip.


Remote Power On and Off

Brightness management from 10% -100%

Management of RGB Multicolor

White Light Management

Change Kelvin from Hot to Cold and vice versa

Set the Saturation

9 Play of Light

Increase or Decrease Game Play Speed

Reception up to 30m away.

Autosync function to operate 2 or more receivers in synchrony with each other for the reproduction of light effects or light effects.

Compatible with (not included)

Remote controls: B4, B0, B8, FUT088, FUT089, FUT092

From Smartphone and Voice Devices you need: WL-iBox1 module


* Model: FUT039S MINI

* Voltage: DC 12V / 24V

* Frequency: 2.4GHz

* Total maximum current: 12A

* Maximum control distance: 30 meters

* Size: 74.5 x 36 x 17mm

Creating a LED home automation system is simple and innovative with Mi Light MiBoxer products.


MiBoxer® is the new sub-brand of Mi Light


* Input for a power supply with Jack 5.5 connector

* Input V-: Negative wire of transformer (usually black)

* Input V +: Positive transformer wire (usually red)

* Output Led V +: Positive wire of the strip (usually Brown)

* Output B: Blue wire

* Output G: Green wire

* Output R: Red wire

* CW Output: White Wire

* WW Output: Yellow Wire

How to synchronize the MiBoxer FUT039S MINI to a MiBoxer remote control

- Correctly install the receiver to a power supply and led strip.

-Check that the remote control is compatible with the FUT039S MINI Receiver.

- Turn off the Receiver (Removing power from the power supply)

-Turn on the Receiver

-When the Led strip connected to the Receiver lights up, within 3 seconds, press repeatedly (at least 1 time per second) on one of the "I" symbols located at the bottom of the remote control in correspondence with the area you wish to associate.

- If the synchronization was successful, the LED flashes.

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