Led Bar 45° Angle with Customizable Size from 30cm to 200cm
  • Led Bar 45° Angle with Customizable Size from 30cm to 200cm
  • Led Bar 45° Angle with Customizable Size from 30cm to 200cm
  • Led Bar 45° Angle with Customizable Size from 30cm to 200cm
  • Led Bar 45° Angle with Customizable Size from 30cm to 200cm
  • Led Bar 45° Angle with Customizable Size from 30cm to 200cm
  • Led Bar 45° Angle with Customizable Size from 30cm to 200cm
  • Led Bar 45° Angle with Customizable Size from 30cm to 200cm
  • Led Bar 45° Angle with Customizable Size from 30cm to 200cm

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Led Bar 45° Angle with Customizable Size from 30cm to 200cm


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Angular bar with 45 ° light projection. The lighting angle is 120 °.

This LED bar is very versatile, it can be used in numerous uses and environments.

Suitable as under-cabinet lighting, walk-in or closet lighting, creating light for work surfaces, or even as decorative or design lighting.

The LED bar works only at low voltage DC 24V.

It can be connected directly to the AC 230V voltage only by means of an AC / DC power supply (already included).


Length: at choice from 30cm to 200cm see variant curtain
Profile Width: 18mm x 18mm
Power Input: 220V
Led Input Bar: DC 24V
Lumen: Strip Monocolore 2000 lumen
Power: 20W / meter
Kelvin: Warm 3000K / Cold 6000K / Natural 4000K
Color rendering (CRI): 90+
SMD Type: 2835
Waterproofness: IP20
Dimmability: YES
Operating temperature: -20 ° to + 40 °
3 years warranty

For each purchased LED bar, the following are included:

1 x Led Bar with Led Strip cut to size, glued with original 3M double-sided tape. Perfectly installed and with wiring already done.

1 x Opaque or Transparent Lid, already assembled.

1 x Power supply with power suitable for the LED bars. (The power supply is included, it may be different from the pictures shown, a model of power supply is provided according to the power, use and availability. The model of the power supply supplied may vary over time without notice based on the availability and needs of the seller, if you want to receive a specific power supply the customer must purchase it separately on our site. We do not provide customization service on the power supply purchased separately.)

1 x Cable with Plug-In, which connects the LED bar to the power supply, already soldered on the LED bar, with a length of 200cm.

1 x Cable from the power supply to the socket with a length of 70cm to 100cm. It is usually supplied with a 2 Pin socket compatible with a 230V Italian socket, but on request we can leave the Brown and Blue cables for installation on a 230V voltage cable.

2 x Side closing caps already installed.

2/4 x Stainless steel hooks (2x hooks for measures up to 1 meter, 4 hooks for measures from 1 to 2 meters)

1 x Control system to be chosen from:

No Dimmer = The bar is made without a control device, the power supply can be connected to a simple switch. (Turn on and off, but not dimming).
Dimmer Touch = Mini controller equipped with a blue LED signal light, installed inside the LED bar. It can only be installed on the same side of the cable exiting the bar. It allows you to adjust the brightness of the light thanks to the Touch sensor. (Quick touch Turn off / on, long touch Dimming the brightness).
WiFi dimmer + PUSH = The LED bar is supplied with a mini receiver installed between the LED bar and Power Supply. It allows you to manage the LED Finger Light directly from your Smartphone, from the main Voice Devices and from the Home Button. Compatible with MiBoxer Smart App, Smart Life and Compatible with Alexa or Google Home.
RF Dimmer = The LED bar is supplied with a mini Receiver and Remote Control, which allows management up to 30mt.



- Choose the length from 30cm to 200cm. Measure the length you need for under-cabinet, rear mirror, wardrobe interior and wherever you want to have a LED bar.

The maximum achievable length is 2 meters.


- Warm light 3000K yellow light very welcoming to illuminate environments such as kitchen, bedroom.

- 4000K Natural Light like sunlight, suitable for lighting all environments. It is the best solution to illuminate certain areas, such as a work surface or desk.

- Cold light 6000K bright white light, excellent for creating an effect or for lighting a jewelry showcase.


- Opal Cover, retains about 10/20% of the brightness, but gives a very homogeneous light effect, eliminating the point-of-light effect and is also anti-glare.

Highly recommended if the bar is used for direct lighting or for the creation of effects with light installation at eye level.

- Transparent Cover, lets through all the brightness of the led strip. Looking at it directly could create some discomfort to the eye, especially if the strip is very bright.

It is highly recommended if you need a lot of light, both as lighting for an environment and for a specific work area. It can be installed hidden in a veil, under the kitchen shelves or under the furniture.

- Touch dimmer

It is installed inside the profile. It has a small blue light that indicates its location.

Just touch the lid at the height of the blue light to turn the LED bar on or off.

Press and hold on the blue light to dim the brightness.

It can carry a maximum load of 3 Amps for the equivalent of about 2.5 meters of LED bar.

It can only be installed in the same part of the outgoing cable and never in the opposite part of the cable.

- WiFi dimmer + Button

It comes with an integrated MiBoxer Mi-Light WiFi Receiver, compatible with PUSH dimming, Smartphone Management via App and Voice Management from Main Devices such as Alexa and Google Home.

This receiver allows you to turn on, turn off and dim the LED bar remotely.
Create a Routine and Set Timer.

The MiBoxer Mi-Light receiver also allows you to integrate this Led Bar to a Smart ecosystem of the with other devices of the MiBoxer and / or Tuya with the Smart Life or MiBoxer Smart app, creating an intelligent home automation system for the whole house.

- RF dimmer

A MiBoxer Remote Control and Receiver with 2.4GHz RF communication system is supplied.
The remote control allows you to remotely manage the LED Bar Light up to 30 meters of air distance.


Install the hooks on the desired surface, if you do not want to create holes you can also use a double-sided adhesive.
Fix the LED bar on the hooks until you hear "click", or directly on the double-sided tape.
Arrange cables as needed.
Connect the LED bar to the receiver and / or to the power supply following the connectivity of the Plug-In.
Finally, power on the power supply.
The bar is ready for use !!!


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