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Customized Led bar

Create your custom LED bar and personalize it as you like: Choose the Kelvin color, the model of aluminum profile and cover, the type of switch, and dimmer. Your custom LED bar ready to use! Our custom LED bars can be used to illuminate the kitchen countertop, the fitted wall of your living room, or your wardrobe. Thanks to the quality of our custom bars, they can also be used to illuminate product displays.

What models of custom LED bars can you find?

Within the custom LED bars category, you can create your personalized LED bar according to your needs. There are multiple models of aluminum profiles with which you can create your LED bar. If you're looking for an under-cabinet LED bar for your kitchen, you can purchase an LED bar with a 30°, 45°, or 60° angled profile. If you're looking for LED bars to illuminate other areas of the house, you can opt for our flat profile LED bars, recessed or suspended. The latter come already equipped with cable kits for suspension. If you're looking for LED bars for showcases and displays with PEN8 profile featuring CRI90 for a light that renders colors as natural as possible.

Dimmable LED Bar: which model to buy?

All our custom LED bars can be customized with a type of controller or dimmer of your choice. The dimmer is the tool that will allow you to manage (turn on or off) and adjust the light intensity of your LED bar, thereby increasing or decreasing the brightness. You can choose between 3 dimmer models: Touch Dimmer, RF Dimmer with remote control, and Wifi & Smart Dimmer.

The bars equipped with a touch dimmer will have a touch sensor at the beginning of the bar. Simply touch it with a finger to turn the custom LED bar on and off, and hold it to increase/decrease brightness.

The RF dimmer is a controller that operates via radio frequency, and you'll use a remote control to manage your custom LED bar.

Finally, the Wifi & Smart Dimmer is a latest-generation controller that will allow you to manage your custom LED bar through a smartphone and voice assistant. Additionally, with this controller, you can connect and dim your LED strip using a PUSH button on the wall.

Are the LED bars equipped with a power supply?

The LED bars already come with high-performance power supplies of reduced size, easy to conceal.

Ready-to-use custom LED bars: What does it mean?

By ready-to-use LED bars, we mean that once you receive our product at your home, you won't have to do anything else. The LED bar will already be ready to be fixed wherever you prefer. Our personalized LED bars are shipped already assembled, and all you need to do is plug it in or make a direct connection with the electrical cables.

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    <pre data-placeholder="Traduzione" id="tw-target-text" dir="ltr">Are you looking for a particular Led Lamp? The measurements don't fit and don't have the specifications you want? Create your customized Led Lamp and customize it as you want !!! Length and Dimensions Lamp Color Kelvin or RGB light Type of Cover Dimmable or not and many other customizations !!!</pre>

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