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Custom led bars: make it as you like!

If you are looking for a customized led bar, then our "Custom led bars" service is the one for you. Assemble the LED bar according to your needs: choose the type of aluminum profile, between flat, angular or recessed profile, the length, the type of dimmer and how you would like to manage your LED bar (management via button, smartphone or voice assistant ). The LED bars are made by our technicians with materials of the highest quality and professionalism. We produce bars for every type of need: under-cabinet lighting, shop window lighting, built-in LED bars. If you have special needs please contact our customer service.

Choose the led strip model you prefer and transform it into a smart led strip with Mi Lights products.

For you many models of led strips: Single-color, RGB, RGB + W, RGB + CCT and Dual White. Within the led strips category you will find many models ideal for every type of requirement and need, both for indoors and waterproof for outdoors. Thanks to the high quality of our products, you can easily illuminate your home, office, shop or restaurant. Are you looking for a Smart led strip? install one of our Wifi / RF receivers and make your led strip smart. Thanks to the MiLight / MiBoxer receivers and remote controls you will be able to manage your LED lighting remotely, even via a voice assistant: you will have many functions / color games available, you can dim your LED strip and / or change the light temperature with a simple click.