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Led strips - Lighting at fair prices

You don’t know where to buy LED strips? Don’t worry, you’re in the right place!

LED Strips are being used more and more for many daily lighting solutions and for different environments: for example, LED strips for outdoors have been very requested lately.

Here on you’ll find many solutions and additional products for strips, such as aluminium profiles and connectors.

Browse through our great range of products and find the right one among:

  • Single colour flexible LED Strips – Up to 30mt length, it is possible to choose the Kelvin for the light between white warm, cold or natural light. They can be cut and can be waterproof.
  • RGB flexible LED Strips -  Up to 5mt length, they need a controller to work. They can be cut and can be waterproof.
  • Complete Kits – Available both in single color and RGB version, these kits for LED strips already have everything they need to work.
  • Connectors – Allow you to connect two or more LED strips in series
  • Power Supplies – Available both for indoor and outdoor use, they give power to LED strips or other electrical appliances such as security cameras, hubs, etc.
  • Controllers -  They are used in combination with RGB LED strips. They are available in different models with a different amount of functions and buttons.
  • LED Strip Profiles – Made of aluminium, they are useful for dissipating warmth generating from the LED strips. They also make them stiff and are the perfect solution for installation on furniture, walls, etc.


With, creating light with LED Strips has never been easier!