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In this section, you'll find all models of 48V SUPREMA tracks. This new lighting system, with its low 48V voltage, is a perfect lighting solution for various needs. The 48V tracks are not only highly efficient, suitable for professional and industrial use, but they are also a much more practical solution compared to the three-phase track system.

Why Install a 48V Track and What Are the Benefits?

There are several advantages offered by the 48V tracks, also commonly known as TRACK 48V. The low voltage and technological innovation ensure greater elegance due to the smaller dimensions of the 48V tracks and their lighting units. They guarantee greater resilience over time as the lower voltage produces less heat, thus increasing their lifespan. Additionally, the low voltage ensures greater safety during installation and long-term maintenance.

Which Models of 48V Tracks Can You Find?

The Suprema 48V tracks are available in 2-meter lengths in black and suitable for various installations. In this category, you'll find recessed, surface-mounted, and suspension 48V tracks, which can be installed using a suspension kit for 48V tracks.

What Accessories for 48V Tracks Are Available?

Currently, in our e-commerce store, as accessories for 48V tracks, you'll find 90-degree angled connectors for 48V tracks, power supply systems, suspension kits, and end caps for recessed and surface-mounted 48V tracks.

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