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Desktop power supplies

In the Desktop Power Supplies category you can find a wide assortment of transformers with PVC box usually in black, very familiar and typical of the transformers that we find when we buy a computer or notebook.

These power supplies are characterized by a central body and then a bi-polar or tri-polar plug that goes directly to the wall sockets or to an electric power strip, while on the other side we can find a cable that ends with a Jack connector.

There are various types of Jack connectors, the most common in the world of lighting is the 3.5mm version, which is used to power both controllers and LED bodies.

Often you can find Desktop Power Supplies with constant voltage, that is drivers that have a constant voltage output of DC 12V, 24V, 36V or 48V, often with 3.5mm Jack.

But you can also find Desktop Power Supplies that have variable or adjustable voltage, but with fixed current, in these cases we can find other types of Jacks.

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