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Mi-Light - Lighting at fair prices

If you want to control your home lighting, Mi-Light is definitely the easiest solution both for its installation method and costs.



Mi-Light is a series of led devices, like the common E27 or GU10 led lamps, but with 2.4GHz communication systems already incorporated on each device. They can be used as common lightbulbs, but they can also be controlled remotely with remote controllers, smartphone (only with iBox module) or smart speakers such as Alexa (only with YT1 module)


As of today, Mi-Light boasts the widest range of lighting and led domotic products in the world.

In fact, other than the “simple” LIGHTBULBS with E27 sockets or GU10 SPOTLIGHTS, you can also find LED PANELSRECESSED SPOTLIGHTSOUTDOOR SPOTLIGHTSGARDEN SPOTLIGHTS and even devices such as POOL LIGHTS or WALL WASHERS.

Naturally it also has a wide range of AMPLIFIERS and CONTROLLERS for managing Led strips.

There are 3 different versions of lamps: Dual White, RGBW, RGB+CCT.

RGBW lamps allow you to obtain colored or white light (Cool White or Warm White). Instead, with Dual White lamps you can obtain the whole range of whites within a colo temperature range starting from 2700K up to 6500K.

Finally we have the RGB+CCT version, the widest and most complete.

In addition to having all the light colors and 9 effect modes, it also has the white light with all the color temperature grades starting from 2700K up to 6500K.

All the lamps are totally freely dimmable (with adjustable light intensity).


These led lamps bring home automation in your home without the need of any electric, electronic or software/hardware programming operation. You unbox, mount and configure them in 2 minutes.


We also remind you that Mi-Light uses the opensource home automation system OPENHAB.

Mi-Light is the original brand property of KingLed in Italy, but you can find the same or similar devices, that are obviously compatible with other brands like MiBoxer, which is our main secondary brand.