2x USB 5V 2A Socket 1 Module White T3 - Bticino Matix Compatible
  • 2x USB 5V 2A Socket 1 Module White T3 - Bticino Matix Compatible

Type of device:
USB plug
N° Modules:
1 Module

2x USB 5V 2A Socket 1 Module White T3 - Bticino Matix Compatible


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Double bticino matix compatible recessed usb outlet:

▪ 2A 5V outlets

▪ 1-module recessed socket

▪ White color

▪ With CE and IMQ certification

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If you are looking for a matix compatible dual USB recessed outlet then this product is for you. This recessed electric fruit offers a convenient way to charge electronic devices via USB port. This specific socket has two USB ports with a voltage of 5V and a maximum current of 2A, providing adequate power to charge smartphones, tablets, audio devices, and other USB-powered devices.

The design of the socket is white in color, which blends harmoniously with its surroundings. It is also designed to be compatible with the Bticino Matix series, a renowned brand in the electrical equipment industry. This allows you to create a uniform and consistent appearance within your electrical system.

The USB socket is designed to be flush mounted, taking up one module space. This facilitates installation inside walls, panels or electrical distribution boxes. Its compact shape and ergonomic design make it a practical option for charging USB devices efficiently and without clutter.

It is important to note that the USB outlet has a power output of 5V and 2A, which is adequate for most mobile devices. However, some devices may require a higher charging current and may require another power source.

In conclusion, the dual USB 5V 2A 1 module white T3 socket, compatible with the Bticino Matix series, is a convenient solution for charging electronic devices via USB. Its sleek design, compatibility with the Matix series, and recessed installation make it a practical and aesthetically pleasing choice for your electrical system.


2 x 5V 2A USB Socket

1 Module AC/DC Socket in White Color

With Led Indicator Light

Input: 90-265V 50/60Hz 2.1A

Compatible with MATIX products.

Certifications: CE; IMQ; IEC

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Data sheet

Type of device
USB plug
N° Modules
1 Module