Rattler 1 Module 6A White T3 - Bticino Matix Compatible
  • Rattler 1 Module 6A White T3 - Bticino Matix Compatible

Type of device:
Ringer and Ringer
N° Modules:
1 Module

Rattler 1 Module 6A White T3 - Bticino Matix Compatible


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Bticino Matix compatible white rattler:

▪ Perfectly compatible recessed installation.

▪ Max power 6A

▪ With CE and IMQ certification

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This bticino matix compatible 1-module, white-colored buzzer is an electrical component used to generate an audible signal, such as for warnings or alerts, in homes or commercial environments. This specific buzzer has a capacity of 6A and can handle moderate-sized electrical loads safely and efficiently.

The maximum voltage supported by the buzzer is 220V, making it compatible with most household or commercial power grids without compromising performance.

A significant advantage of this hummer is its compatibility with MATIX series products. The matix series is a well-known series of electrical inserts and flush mounts for managing one's electrical system.

It is important to note that the buzzer has CE and IMQ certifications. These certifications attest that the device has undergone rigorous safety and quality testing and meets European standards. This provides peace of mind that the hummer will be used safely and reliably.

In conclusion, the 1-module white-colored buzzer, with a capacity of 6A and a maximum voltage of 220V, is a reliable choice for generating acoustic signals in residential or commercial applications. Its compatibility with MATIX products and CE and IMQ certifications ensure safe installation that meets quality standards.


1-module rattler in White color, 6A.

Voltage: Max 220V.

Compatible with MATIX products.

Certifications: CE; IMQ.

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Type of device
Ringer and Ringer
N° Modules
1 Module