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Welcome to the section dedicated to DALI control systems. In this category, you will find receivers, remote controls, power supplies, relays, dimmers, and other devices for managing LED lighting through the DALI protocol. DALI is a communication standard that allows the connection and control of lighting devices, such as LED lamps, via a digital communication bus.

The DALI system is widely used in commercial and industrial environments where advanced lighting management is required to save energy, improve visual comfort, and adapt the light to the specific use of spaces. But in recent years, it has also become widespread in residential settings.

DALI Dimmers and Controllers for LED Strips:

In this category, you will find different models of DALI controllers for managing your LED lighting. Through our models of DALI controllers for 24V LED strips, you can control the light of your LED strips. They are designed to offer precise control of brightness and often support various features, such as continuous adjustment of color temperature and programming of lighting scenarios.

DALI Dimmable Power Supplies:

If you are looking for a DALI dimmable power supply for managing your LED lighting, then you are in the right category. In our ecommerce store, you will find many models of DALI power supplies for adjusting the brightness.

DALI Masters, Relays, and Sensors for Automation:

DALI masters are centralized control devices that manage the DALI system. They can be programmable to control and coordinate various lighting functions. DALI relays allow remote switching on and off of lights or groups of lights and can be used for controlling other electrical equipment. You will also find DALI motion and/or twilight sensors.

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