Presa Bipasso 1 Modulo 2 poli + Terra 16° Nera – Serie VING
  • Presa Bipasso 1 Modulo 2 poli + Terra 16° Nera – Serie VING

Input Voltage:
AC 250V
16 A
Tipo di dispositivo:
Presa Bipasso
N° Moduli:
1 Modulo

2P+E 10/16A Bivalent Bipass Socket black T1 compatible with Bticino Living Light


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Black color two-pin socket compatible with Bticino Living and Living Light:

▪ 10/16A 250V bivalent outlet

▪ One module electrical outlet

▪ CE and IMQ conc ertification

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This black, 1-module, dual-purpose, two-prong outlet is designed to provide a practical and safe solution for electrical connection. The socket is compatible with Bticino Living and Living Light holders, which is a popular switch and socket system. This compatibility makes it easy to install the socket within an existing configuration or allow it to be combined with other products of the same brand.

This black two-prong outlet is designed to accommodate electrical plugs with 2 poles and ground. It can handle a maximum current of 10/16A and a maximum voltage of 250V. The outlet is bivalent, which means it can be used for 10A or 16A outlets as needed.

The black color blends well with most interiors and provides a clean, modern look.

The socket has CE and IMQ certifications, which attest that the product has undergone safety and quality testing and meets European standards. These certifications confirm that the socket has been designed and manufactured to high standards.

This dual-purpose two-prong outlet is a reliable choice for home electrical installation or in other environments where a versatile and safe power outlet is needed. Its compatibility with Bticino Living holders and CE and IMQ certifications add further guarantees in terms of compatibility and quality.

Product also compatible with VIP SERIES holders and plates

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Data sheet

Input Voltage
AC 250V
16 A
Tipo di dispositivo
Presa Bipasso
N° Moduli
1 Modulo