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Waterproof LED Strips: A complete guide to IP ratings for you

Waterproof LED Strips: A complete guide to IP ratings for you

Create your own home and commercial lighting with LED strips is becoming an increasingly popular solution. The use of LED strips allows you to transform any environment and add an original and captivating luminous touch.

In this article, we will explore the different IP protection ratings of waterproof LED strips available on the market and their appropriate use.

When it comes to choosing LED strips, it is essential to consider their IP protection rating (waterproofing) based on the installation environment and requirements. Installing a waterproof LED strip for outdoor use with an IP protection rating could be a significant concern, so let's see together how to avoid mistakes.

What is the IP Protection Rating of a waterproof LED strip?

The IP (Ingress Protection) Protection Rating is an international standard that defines the level of protection provided by a device against dust and moisture. It is represented by a code composed of two digits, where the first digit indicates dust resistance, and the second digit indicates water resistance. For example, luminaires and devices with an IP20 waterproof rating are designed to be installed in dry environments, away from possible liquid contact.

Where is it advisable to install an IP65 waterproof LED Strip?

If you are thinking of installing an LED strip to illuminate your bathroom or outdoor areas, you should purchase an IP65 waterproof LED strip. The IP65 protection rating makes the LED strip waterproof and resistant to moderate water splashes and humidity. Therefore, it will be perfect to withstand steam generated in the bathroom or the humidity characteristic of outdoor environments. So, it can be installed inside a shower enclosure, at the top, or outdoors if covered and not directly exposed to the elements.

Highly weather-resistant IP67 Waterproof LED Strip:

IP67 waterproof LED strips offer superior protection against dust and can withstand temporary immersion in water. These are perfect for outdoor projects, such as lighting for pools or fountains (non-submersible installation). Designed for temporary immersion in water up to one meter deep for a maximum of 30 minutes.

Submersible Lighting with IP68 Waterproof LED Strips:

If you need submersible LED strips for an application that requires continuous and prolonged immersion in water, IP68-rated strips are the right choice. They can be used to illuminate aquariums, fountains, or even underwater installations.

Tips for installing a waterproof LED strip:

Regardless of the chosen IP protection rating, it is important to follow some general guidelines to ensure a correct installation. If you cut a waterproof LED strip, always remember to restore the waterproofing with appropriate sealing, using waterproof sealants or suitable gaskets to ensure the necessary protection. Also, make sure to use waterproof adapters and/or power supplies. If you install an LED strip outdoors, directly exposed to the sun, it is strongly recommended to use UV protection to preserve its longevity.